What is Trainy?


The idea of Trainy came from our experience as athletes and trainers.

As athletes who are always trying to look for the best training program/lifting belt/supplement, we find ourselves scrolling through hundreds websites for hours and reading reviews from scattered places across the web to discover how to improve our training.

As trainers, a lot of our friends, who are coaches for bodybuilding/football/swimming/wrestling, have a hard time finding enough clients. There is simply no major channel for them to promote themselves other than Instagram, which was designed for photography rather than fitness.

Similar problems exist for fitness clothing brands, training programs, meal prep services… you name it.

A place is needed to store all these awesome fitness content, compare them, and let people find out who is the best.

That’s where Trainy comes into play.

The beginning of something cool. Built for you and for all of us.


Trainy Team