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* MULTI-PURPOSED EXCELLENCE - When it comes to water Bottles, Umoro brings a simple concept into a new era of elegance and sophistication. With BPA fr... Moreee, clarity-retaining shatterproof plastic and a custom made storage lid and quick release shaker, this is the fitness accessory for all health minded individuals! Rapidly go from bottle to protein or pre-workout shaker at the press of a button

* TRUE LEAKPROOF PROTECTION - We've incorportate rubberized seals to offer truly revolutionary 100% leak-proof prevention. That, paired with laser precision twist groves, offers an unmatched fit you won't find anywhere else. It even comes with a convenient carrying strap, bringing "grab-and-go" to a whole new level.

* ADVANCED STORAGE - Our top is more than just an enclosure for your water. It's an innovative storage container with a quick release valve that leads directly to the liquid below. There's enough storage space for a full serving of protein, pre-workout, meal replacements, water enhancements, or whatever else you need to fuel your healthy drive!

* SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED - At the press of a button, you not only are releasing the lid's valve, but implementing a meticulously designed shaker that is unrivaled when it comes to perfect no-clump blending. When you chose Umoro, you're choosing unbeatable quality and durability for your water, and for yourself.

* GUARANTEED - We love this water bottle and shaker combo, and we know without a doubt that you will too. However, if you need anything, we're here to make things right. For a full year from your date of purchase, you are completely covered under our factory warranty from cracks and leaks!


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