Top 5 Meal Prep Services for
Fitness & Sports


Check out these 5 fitness & sports meal prep services to help you achieve your GAINS!

No matter what sports we do, let it be football, bodybuilding, MMA, CrossFit etc., training is only one part of the success formula, other factors such as adequate amount of sleep and good nutrition are also crucial for improving performance. While we couldn’t help you that much about the sleep part (Come on, get that 8 hours, no matter what it takes right?), we could help you by recommending these 5 meal prep services, who will cook you delicious and nutrition-balanced food, and delivered to your door!

(1) Fuel Meals

—FUEL meals take the guess work and the actual work out of your meal prep. Healthy, affordable, fully customizable meals delivered right to your doorstep.

(2) Deliciously Fit Gril

— By eating lower fat and balanced protein and carbohydrates you can eat great and look great. But healthy food by itself isn’t enough get you Deliciously Fit. You need the right balance. That’s why every one of Deliciously Fit Grill’s meals are weighed and measured to provide you the perfect ratio!

(3) Lean Meals

—A popular meal prep service based on West Coast, Lean Meal’s culinary team creates 18 new menu items every week to guarantee you never get bored with your meals.  By constantly changing its weekly menu, you’ll look forward to the next meal, instead of eating to just maintain your lifestyle.

(4) Icon Meals 

—ICON Meals mission to provide everyone with great tasting, fresh, healthy meals at an affordable price. All of their meals are created and prepared by professional culinary chefs with many years of culinary training and experience. They strive to create high protein meals that are low in carbohydrates, unhealthy fats, sugars and sodium.

(5) Kettlebell Kitchen 

—CrossFit is hard. Maintaining good nutrition to help recover more quickly? Even harder. Luckily, the Kettlebell Kitchen is here to help! They’re run by CrossFitters, Paleo-eaters, full-time-job havers – so they understand. Their meals are 100% Paleo, and they also offer multiple Zone meals for athletes looking for specific macronutrient ratios. You take care of the heavy lifting in the gym, and Kettlebell Kitchen will take care of the heavy lifting for your nutrition!

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