Top 10 Fitness Apparel Brands
(Women’s Edition)


If you Google women’s fitness apparel you’ll get over 3 million hits. With so many brands to choose from, we decided to put together a list (in no particular order) of our top 10 favorite brands.

  1. Alphalete Athletics


Encouraging you to be an Alphalete, not an athlete. Simply put, an Alphalete is individual who inspires others to learn more, dream more, and be more. This stylish high performance line of apparel is going to help you get to the next level.

2. Flag Nor Fail

2-Flag Nor Fail

Owned by the legendary bodybuilder Dana Linn Bailey, every piece of clothing is individually made by hand- no mass production. Flag Nor Fail was created with the meaning of no surrender and no failure. No two prints are the same, so go ahead and show off what a badass individual you really are.

  1. NoBull

3-no bull

The footwear company for the no bullsh** athlete that knows hard work and dedication are going to get them results, not just a fancy pair of shoes. Created by a rock-star team with experience working with “the big guys”. They saw an opportunity to cut the bull and create something they believe in, no gimmicks needed.

  1. Adanola


Where chic street style and gym function meet. This lifestyle and fitness brand is built for women who strive for a balance of style and function. They’ve embraced the rapidly growing athleisure trend and encourage you to wear that mesh crop top and leggings out for a drink.

  1. Live Fit Apparel

5-live fit

With heavy influence from surf and skateboard culture, this fitness lifestyle brand is on the edgy and hip side of the fitness apparel world. They’ve perfectly merged the worlds of skate and surf with bodybuilding to create their own unique street style fitness brand.

  1. Outdoor Voices

6-Outdoor voices

This apparel company is perfect for the casual and recreational athlete. Perfect for those days when your workout consists of running with your dog or exploring the trails. They live by the tenet that doing things is better than not doing things, so get out there and do something.

  1. The Upside

7-the upside

Admired for its sleek style and uniquely refined prints, The Upside prides themself on their fashionable, yet performance driven line of apparel. Made for the time savvy and sophisticated individual; going from the gym to the office has never been easier.

  1. GymShark


Living by the motto #beavisionary; GymShark has revolutionized the fitness apparel industry with its seamless line of clothing. Soft stretch fit with moisture wicking technology makes this clothing able to keep up with the woman who wants to do it all.

  1. RokFit


RokFit was founded by a couple of caffeine-fueled crossfitters. Designed with the hardcore athlete in mind, and made with nothing but quality materials to get you through the toughest of workouts.

10. L’URV


A cross between function and fashion creates this line of performance wear that will make you stand out. This Australian boutique is the first of its kind to deliver a line of clothing designed for the sporty fashionista.