Top 10 Fitness Clothing Brands
(Men’s Edition)


For your leg day training wardrobe, it shouldn’t be just about Nike, Reebok, or Adidas. Check out these 10 fitness clothing brands that’s been gaining buzz all around.

(1) Alpha Clothing Co 

— They make the best T-shirts and pants around, but you better move fast, because they usually gets sold out within 2 hours of restock!


—Started by avid CrossFitter and Olympic Lifting guru, Christian Harris, MFLH offers a great mix of fashion and fitness.


—Not for the faint hearted. This is the “old-school tough” brand for raw men who are looking to rep out  500+ DL or squats.

(4) LiveFit. Apparel (LVFT)

—Randall strikes again, with his LA West Coast style.

(5) Caffeine & Kilos

—For crossfitters, olympic lifters, powerlifters, and everyone in between. They all go crazy for that “K”.

Yeah, we all are addicted to it.

(6) 4invictus

—4invictus is a premium brand fronted by those who refuse to conform, those who refuse to bow to the easy and challenge impossible.

(7) SP Athletics

— Simeon Panda’s clothing label never disappoints.

(8) Aesthetic Revolution

— Made in Oregon, Aesthetic Revolution is another fitness fashion powerhouse from the Beaver State.

(9) Alphalete Athletics 

— An Alphalete is an individual who inspires others to learn more, dream more, and be more.

(10) Nobull Project 

— One of the best brands in CrossFit, their minimalistic approach makes them not just famous for T shirts, but also for cool shoes and backpacks. #LessIsMore

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