Top 10 Bodybuilding Trainers Online (Men’s Edition)


In today’s fitness industry, the word “Trainer” has been abused and misused by tons of beer-chugging dudes who purchased their certifications and do not deserve that title.

A true “Trainer”, in our humble & stupid opinion, should be a Yoda-level teacher who not only teaches skills and discipline to people, but also lives to improve his/her skills and adhere to discipline on a daily basis.

These 10 bodybuilding legends truly deserve this title. They not only push themselves to work 100% in the gym, but also aim to help millions of others to achieve phenomenal results, build mental toughness and live a healthy lifestyle by proving awesome online training programs.

Time to check out,  the Top 10 Bodybuilding Trainers Online (Men’s Edition).

(1) Simeon Panda

— Simeon Panda doesn’t need that much of a introduction. The European legend has the Super Saiyan physique and a successful fitness clothing business,  SP Athletics. He also devotes his time to help fitness enthusiasts to achieve their goals with training programs, such as the Mass Gain “Extreme” Guide.

(2) Bradley Martyn

— 315lb squat on a Hoverboard. 495lb 1-hand deadlift for reps. Dip/squat/bench with 2 chicks on each side of the bar. Is there anything Bradley Martyn can’t do? Most importantly, his humble & humorous attitude made him even more respectable (Those collabs with BroScience are EPIC!).

Bradley is also working on brands, such as “BMFIT Clothing” and “BMFIT Supplements”. you could find his training programs here. #EverydayIsArmDay #Squat6PlatesForRepsAnyways

(3) Ulisses Jr

—Ulisses Jr is one of the most sought after and highly respected bodybuilding and body composition coaches in the World. The New York City native is a 2x Musclemania SuperBody Pro Champion, 2x Musclemania World Pro Champion and a leader for Natural Bodybuilding. He has honed and refined his physique for over 20 years in competitions and will show you how he has achieved it.

Ulisses’s training program can be found here. He also got a bunch of epic training videos with Kai Greene, Simeon Panda & Bradley Martyn on his YouTube channel.

(4) Tomas Echavarria (TFIT360)

— Tomas, also known as the TFIT360, is another name we couldn’t miss when talking about online coaching. Besides being a vein-popping beast, he also has an impressive client transformation list, with amazing results like Kasey and Charlie. Tomas’ program can be found here.

(5) Joey Swoll

— Joey is an athlete who hasn’t stopped motivating people to reach their goals since Day 1. His powerful physique and relentless work ethic, both in and outside of the gym, has risen his popularity in the fitness community.

The most amazing aspect of Joey is his modesty and kindness to others. You can see that from his famous Instagram bio: “I don’t care how much you lifted in the gym today, I care if you held the door for the person behind you.”

Originally from a small town outside of Chicago, Joey hasn’t forgotten his humble beginnings. He is a testament to the fact that you can also build yourself from scratch with hard work, knowledge, and a positive attitude.

(6) Devin Physique 

— One of the most active bodybuilding icons online, Devin never disappoints with his high-quality fitness videos and amazing fashion collections: His Lamborghini, GTR, and dope truck, just to name a few. If you are a fan of fashion, fitness and 100% of hard work, check out his program here.

(7) Collin Joseph

— If you combine epic physique, amazing Jiu-jitsu, and killer Muay Thai skills, you got Collin Joseph. Originally a martial artist, Collin turned to bodybuilding and has been helping people achieve their goals ever since. Collin’s program can be found here.

(8) Jaco De Bruyn

— Another legend from Europe, Jaco De Bruyn’s training program is one of the most well laid-out and methodical ones out there.

(9) Roger Snipes

—As an ex-UK Musclemania Champ, Roger Snipes has created an impressive career in modeling and bodybuilding, you may check out his training program here.

(10) Joe Donnelly 

—Ex-NFLer and an impressive athlete, Joe Donnelly is known for calling out trolls with his signature pause squat (usually 5 plates+, in either Air Force 1 or Jordans, #Style). He always finds impressive ways to train, with shoulder/bench pressing with resistance bands. Don’t laugh, get a band like this and try pressing out a couple reps, you will feel it! Or run hill sprints with Parachutes (Classic HITT dish). If you play any competitive sport, you will know that Joe’s program is awesome to increase both strength & size.

To learn more of Joe Donnelly’s training tips, check out Joe’s Youtube Channel, or his official site.

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